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i love my yoshi blade and for $9.99 sent it back and had the knicks repaired (they may have sent me a new knife, but i will never know)...that was in 2012...sent it to idea village products corp in wayne, nj....thought i sent it again in the last year but when i called to say the tip broke off and i wanted to get it replaced, they told me they don't carry yoshi blades where is the purchaser protected on this "lifetime" warranty? ... Read more

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It broke in two while cutting a sweet potato Add comment

I meant to ask who cam I contact to replace my Yoshi knife? It cracked it half Don't they habe a lifetime warranty? Add comment

We have had this knife for @ four years, it is getting very dull. What do we do about it? Add comment

I have not used it that much in the past year, about once a week mostly just to open the small plastic bags that vegetables come in. It quickly lost it sharpness to the point that I'm lucky if it just tears the bag. I'm fairly strong and I struggle to pull it through the bag; I get just ragged tearing. Haven't used it on anything else; certainly nothing hard or blade dulling. The part of the blade near the handle is still sharp, of course that... Read more

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My knife just broke into two pieces i would like another one pleasa they carry a lifetime warranty Add comment

I use this knife so much. I love it a lot until it broke. I was so mad when it happen. I'm lost without my favorite knife. Add comment

We loved the yoshi blade till this happened :/ Read more

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My knife broke off in 3 pieces. It was my favorite knife until that happened. Have the peeler too. Wonder when it'll break on me.These are suppose to have a life time warranty. So who d I contact to get a replacement? All I did was try to cut a frozen roast in half. And it was not even a thick roast. First one piece broke off then two finally three before I decided to just give up. So much for cutting anything. Tried to find an email address... Read more

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Only had it for two months and it's already chipping. Read more

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