I found the "Yoshi Blades" are dull upon arrival. i tried to sharpen them but to no avail.

They are nothing but a comsumer fraud, next to worthless except maybe for slicing butter. Under no circumstances invest any money in these pieces of ***. I have no information concerning the exact person involved in the sale. I was *** enough to buy them off a TV add.

The date was November 14th 2010.

this site wants 100 words and I can't continue writing ***, ***, ***, but will to fulfill the requirements desired. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

Terry Chelius

Clancy, MT.

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I know for a fact that it's sharp and works well. I tried cutting a ham today and ended up almost slicing my thumb off. It's extremely sharp!


We have a $500 set of knives but I love this Yoshi knife. Been using it for several months.

I can cut a tomato or a celery stalk as thin as a dime.

Maybe you got a counterfeit?

Bought mine at Walmart for $20 bucks. Included the peeler which I also like.

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