After seeing this commercial God knows how many times in the last couple of weeks I decided to do some research on this product myself.

I have read and heard by word of mouth that ceramic knives are much superior to any metal knife on the market. Hyper sharp, great longevity, but with one flaw, don't drop them or hit them on anything hard as they will break or shatter like glass.

That being said, I decided to do some research for reviews on these knives to learn of their quality. Which lead me here.

What do I find, nothing more than a bunch of putzes, yutzes, mopes and dopes. People making complaints who are too *** to use a computer, to illiterate to read a web site, and who couldn't find water if they fell out of a boat!

Complaints about return policy, order cancellation, and the prices they were charged.

After reviewing Yoshi's web site I see, and it is plainly stated in red and black bold faced font that the offer to buy one knife and peeler and get one knife and peeler free does state that you will pay a separate Shipping and Processing(S&P) charge for the free knife and peeler.

It also states that the S&P cost is $9.99 each! That works out to a cost of $19.99 for two sets of knives and peelers, plus $19.98 for S&P, making a total cost of $39.97 for two sets of this product.

What amazes me is that with one exception, no one posting on this board is capable of giving an opinion of the quality of this product.

No, you all canceled before ya received the knife!

If you got charged $271. for your knife and peeler then you probably did something wrong when you ordered it. And if you're that suspicious of the order procedure through their web site then buy it from Wal-Mart, or K-Mart, or the "As Seen on TV" stores and then post a review. But at least POST A REVIEW ABOUT THE PRODUCT!!!

And almost ALL of you post nothing regarding the product!

And that is why the *** I came here in the first place.

Review about: Yoshi Blade Knife.

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@junkjunkjunk1 Probably 95% of the parts in your PC were made in China. At least half of the utensils or appliances in your house were made in China.

But I guess for you ignorance is easier than accepting the truth.


Do not use this blade. After even short use if you use a magnifier you will see mini 'chips' in the blade. The reason it won't hold an edge is because of this. There is a very good chance you will ingest these pieces of ceramic. This is a real danger and there should be an immediate stop to the selling of these knives and an immediate recall and a huge lawsuit! This is a major danger and needs an Attorney General somewhere to stop these liars, thieves, and dangerous criminals now!

The only *** here is the one who has not used it, closely looked at it and made the only logical conclusion. Too bad you do not have the needed brain power to actually determine anything!



How do you sharpen this knife

Meredith, New Hampshire, United States #228647

1. I bought it at Walmart, no shipping charges involved. Not only do I love the knife, I love the peeler even more!!! The knife is extremely sharp, cut myself taking it out of the box, be careful.

2. It is made for slicing not chopping. I happen to be very good at it so I can slice onions with it to the point that they look like they were chopped. Love this knife and I have been catering parties for approx 30 years. Only use it on a Plastic or Wood Cutting Board.

3. DO NOT put it thru the dishwasher!

4. Again, love, love, love the peeler that comes with it. I only make homemade potatoes, and I have a very bad back. This just cut my time in half, and I don't loose as much of the potatoe.


I bought a Yoshi knife at Fry's for $19.95 (no shipping involved). It works just fine when I need something smaller than my 5 1/2" Kyocera ceramic.

One must remember that this is ceramic, not carbon steel, and as such must be used on a composite cutting board and is intended for cutting only--not chopping or any use that applies side pressure to the blade or allows the blade to strike something hard (e.g.

a faucet). For the purpose intended (slicing vegetables or meat) it works very well.


I think you're all f*cking idiots. Quit crying like little girls.

So you were ripped off for a few bucks. There's not much to be done about it now...


I have just returned from Wal-mart with my brand new Yoshi blade, and just finished slicing me a salad. This thing is SHARP!

It even shaves the hair on my arm! Performs just like on tv. Remember to follow instructions, it IS ceramic and ceramic does not bend! The razor sharp edge will break if misused.

It is a slicing blade NOT a chopping blade. Be smart with your new blade or you will slice off a finger!! For all you college educated idiots that payed some kind of crazy shipping charge and are now crying and posting bad reviews.....YOU JUST GOT OUT SMARTED BY A CONSTRUCTION WORKER WITH A 10TH GRADE EDUCATION!!!

Go back to that college and get your money back....they are the ones who really ripped you off!!! :cry



So many people with education and degrees. They think there so smart, and can't admit they have an impulse buying problem.

Any one complaining about the shipping charges....you totally deserve to get ripped off for not doing your product research like you should. But now your so quick to jump on the PC and start logging complaints about the product, and it's not even about the product itself. Its all about the shipping!!!

Hey people...I have some ocean front property in Arizona I'd love to sell you ;)

In the mean time..I am headed to my local Wal-mart to get me one of these knives and pay zero shipping...hahaha 8)


Right -

Like 50 people feeling like they are getting ripped off - Yeah, they all gotta be ***!?

Who gives a flying rats uno what the product is or can do when you know you are being given the old bait and switch. When 20 customers say that there are false charges on their cards guess what - the order system, phone or web, is a scam - I don't care about the quality of the product when I'm down staring at my ankles.

Programmer in Chicago


junk made CHINA is the problem

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