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After seeing the TV ad, I was intrigued and decided that the Yoshiblade was worth a try. After all, at $19.99, the risk is very minimal, right?

Wrong!!! After filling out the order, selecting a second set for free, and selecting the ceramic slicer for $9.99, I was presented with an invoice for $166.84. A call to the phone number listed connected me to a person who could not speak intelligible English. A second call resulted in my being told to call back in two days.

There was not a supervisor available. I immediately filed a complaint with my State Attorney General, and prepared a complaint to file with the Federal Trade Commission.

When I called again after the two day wait, the person I spoke with said that my order was cancelled.

That was after I advised him of the consumer complaints I was filing. Time will tell.

Monetary Loss: $166.

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Why are you unable to contact the comapny? By any chance are you American, and unwilling to try and listen to some whose enghlish is not a primary language? Are you aware that the person whose second language is english likely has a better understanding of the written english word, and sentence structure then you do?

Put an effort in; you immediately called in the army, instead of givine them a couple days as the poor customer service rep had requested. You know, the human being who's only trying to help you regardless of what your ignorance tells you.

d.i.a.f. cheap-***. (Look the acronym up.)



Agree this is a scam. they make it seem like you have to check off 2, then charge you 19.99 x2 plus 16.99 s&h x2 for a total of $74.

I tried calling, and they said they couldn't do anything about it for 24 hours. Called the bank, and I am going to file a claim against them

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