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I Received the Yoshi Blade from my father who purchased two in June 2010. I begin using it for vegetables and fruits only in a normal way, and on September 23rd, 2010 it breaks inside the handle.

I call customer service and am told it is out of warranty. To add salt to the wound after that inane response from them, the rep then asks, "Is there anything else I can help you with today?" I almost told him what else he could help me with!!!!

This is a defective knife!

There is no such thing as Yoshi Customer Service! Don't buy this product at any price!!!!

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They are representatives of the company and therefore ARE responsible. I don't buy your arguement.

Your kind of reply is why this country is full of scammers such as this in the first place. You're just part of the "Sheep-le" that exist and follow the crowd.


I've had one for about a year and have had no problems at all. Also, most customer service lines are required to ask if there is anything else they can help you with. It's not the person who took your call's fault that the knife is out of warranty.

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