YOSHIBLADE.COM The web page is a rip-off SCAM!!!Agree there was no way back.

My story is even worse. I wanted 2 knives $ 19.99 each. (I thought that was deal because Amazon charges $19.99 for one). After collecting credit card information it was many buttons appearing.

It gave me the option of one upgrade to a 3 knife set, but just as if a sensitive touch pad made that choice for me, and I had no way going back correcting on the web page! The sudden final charge came to Total $157.86 Shipping & Handling $57.92

CANCEL the order. Email CustomerService@yoshiblade.com DO NOT GIVE UP!!! (That is what they are counting on.

Also, make sure you go on their privacy page and demand all your info will be kept away from other marketers!)

KEEP CALLING THEM ON THE 1-877-44-YOSHI. After many timed out trials I came through and talked to a person and he said they canceled the order!

As if he was expecting me, immediately asking zip and last name.We will see if they canceled the order!

Review about: Yoshi Blade Knife.

Monetary Loss: $157.

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #641115

I bought this knife because I had seen how great it was and you never have to sharpen the knife but after I got it, the tip of the blade broke off.After more uses, some more of the blade broke off and the knife is now dull as ***.

I tried to sharpen it and now it's even duller.Glad I didn't spend my own money with this crappy knife.


Hate this knife . The tip of the blade broke for no reason , what a waste of money :(


I have bought 1 and the handle broke so I bought the second 1 and the blade broke so my husband got another 1 and I was just cutting a apple in half and the blade broke in half. that it they are nothing but junk. and I called them and they don't stand behind the warranty replacement.Don't buy any


Bought a pair of the Yoshi's.At first, the knife seemed really good.

But! It lost the sharpness to even cut a tomato after only 2 or 3 months. They lied about this product. A metal knife would be much better and capable of being sharpened.

Don't buy it!!:(


This knife broke in the middle while cutting fresg Salmon fish. (I did not touch any bones. Just the filewt part.

I am back to steel knives.

I am never going to touch these product or the Israeli Web Site who sold them to me


Wow!Sounds like garbage.

Thanks for all the comments (pages and pages of them). I have nice carbon/stainless knives and was reading this to see if this knife could be used as a cheaper sharp knife for rougher work. HAH! Not only does the thing go blunt, but it chips as well.

That's what metallurgy is about folks!

What a hope!Guess I will go to the supermarket and buy a knife that my skills can sharpen and stay with that.


may i echo those words written by CONISHKEE


I have my Yoshi for about 6 month by now, and I'm quite pleased with it.Fruit and veggies cut with it have a much better taste, for there is no oxidation from metal.

This is especially obvious with lemons. I have cracked off the tip while cutting on the porcelain plate - sad but manageable.

Here are some rules to enjoy years of Yoshi blade service: do not use it on glass, porcelain, stone or metal surfaces. Use on plastic or wooden cutting boards. Ceramics is fragile.

Do not drop the blade, or it may crack. Use only special sharpeners for ceramic blades if sharpening is ever needed.

As any new technology it takes time to get used to.Remember the first days of microwave ovens?


I agree big ripoff . Charged my card extra 74 dollars. Will not answer cust service line.


Only an *** falls for that stuff online.We got it at Walgreens,not interested in the so-called bonus BS,may as well get 2 at the store and save a few bucks.

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